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Thanks to a dedicated staff of course professionals, Hawktree is always in top condition and ready to provide a memorable golf experience! If you are seeking a truly unique course that will not only provide a test of your skills, but will provide lasting memories, this course has it all.

Four sets of tees allow you to personalize your game; make your round as challenging or as relaxed as you wish. At Hawktree, we use your handicap along with our exclusive Yardage System to create an exceptional golfing experience for every level of player.

This 18 hole, Par 72 championship golf course offers 18 distinctive, unique holes, featuring natural elevation changes that are both unexpected and exciting. Natural hills and contours, brilliant coloration, plentiful wildlife and native grasses add mightily to the eco experience. This golf course soars and will fly right onto your list of favorite courses.

Black sand bunkers (a unique solution to the lack of white sand in North Dakota, plus it doesn’t blow away in the frequent wind storms) and the devilish design by architect Jim Ingh present a layout that will have you feeling you’ve played 18 one-hole golf courses. No club will go unused on this picture perfect course sculpted from land nearby the Missouri River. There’s so much spectacular scenery, folks often don’t even notice Burnt Creek as it meanders through the course. The most difficult and challenging hole, without a doubt, is #18, a long par 5 that finishes with a 150-yard uphill flourish. If the wind is against you that day, you will have your hands full!

An 80-foot elevation change from tee to green presents challenges on Hole #3. You can reach the green two ways – on the cart path or by skillful rope climbing. Most folks choose the cart path, and rightly so. Walking the course is permissible, however, due to the elevation changes most players choose to utilize a golf cart.

“Immaculate condition!!! Please pass along to Stan and his crew on a superb job that they are doing. I’m am in the golf business myself and been on and played many golf courses in my lifetime and by far this is the best golf course I’ve ever been on!!! Thanks to the entire staff at Hawktree for such an enjoyable day. We will definitely be back next year.”

Dan, Aaron, and Zach Shemon

“As I stood at the clubhouse and looked out at the course, I could not believe my eyes at it’s beauty. You mentioned that you hope to rival the “Links on the Prairie”, well, I think you have surpassed it. As you stand on each tee box, all you can do is stare in awe. I look forward to playing Hawktree numerous times.”

Richard Tjaden








































Hawktree Scorecard

Hawktree Rates

Regular Rates                                                              18 Holes                             9 Holes

Off-Season (Opening Day till May 31st)                         $55.00 ($58.03)                   $35.00 ($36.93)
In-Season (June 1st – September 8th)                            $80.00 ($84.40)                    $45.00 ($47.48)
Off-Season (September 10th – October 31st )               $55.00 ($58.03)                    $35.00 ($36.93)
Senior Rates (65+) includes cart                                   $69.00 ($72.80)                    $35.00 ($36.93)
Military Rates includes cart                                           $69.00 ($72.80)                    $35.00 ($36.93)
Senior/Military Replay Rate                                          $30.00 ($31.65)                     $15.00 ($15.83)
(Military Id required)

Junior Rates (17 & under)                                            18 Holes                                9 Holes

Green Fees                                                                $30.00 ($31.65)                      $16.00 ($16.88)
Green Fees w/member                                                $20.00 ($21.10)                      $12.00 ($12.66)

Golf Cart Rental Fees                                                  18 Holes                                9 Holes

Regular Cart Fee                                                         $25.00 per seat ($26.38)         $12.50 per seat ($13.19)
Member Cart Fee                                                       $20.00 per seat                      $10.00 per seat 
Motor Bike Fee                                                           $25.00 per seat ($26.38)         $12.50 per seat ($13.19)
Additional Holes                                                         $15.00 per seat                      $7.50 per seat

Regular Replay                                                            18 Holes                               9 Holes

Adult                                                                          $50.00 ($52.75)                    $30.00 ($31.65)
Juniors                                                                        $10.00 ($10.55)                    $5.00 ($5.28)

Pull Cart Fees
9 Holes $3.00 per round ($3.17)
18 Holes $5.00 per round ($5.28)

Season Range Pass                                                       Small Bag                              Large Bag
Adult                   $350.00 ($369.00)                            $6.50 ($6.86)                        $8.50 ($8.97)
Junior                  $200.00 ($211.00)

Optional Season Locker                                           Optional Bag Storage
Adult                 $40.00 ($42.20)                             $75.00 ($79.13)
Junior                 $20.00 ($21.10)

Handicap Fees
Adult  (18 & older)                $35.00
Junior (17 & Under)               Free

All prices subject to 5.5% sales tax as shown in ( ). Does apply to discounts or other special or promotions.

Hawktree Golf Club
3400 Burnt Creek Loop
Bismarck, ND 58503

Tel: (701) 355-0995

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