Mission Statement


To provide an upscale golf course and practice facility dedicated to golf; to also provide an outstanding golfing experience for all certificate holders, guests and fee players regardless of each players level of ability.




Hawktree is a public golf course. All golfers are subject to the provisions of the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of Hawktree, Inc.


This information is to acquaint all golfers with the rules and regulations of Hawktree. Each golfer is responsible for reading and observing these rules. Any violations should be reported to Hawktree management.


Failure to adhere to any of the requirements, as incorporated in these Rules and Regulations by any golfer or guest, may result in disciplinary action.


Rules and Regulation General

  1. All golfers shall pay the required fees for playing privileges.
  2. Playing certificate holders and guests may be requested by duly appointed agents of Hawktree to show identification at any time.
  3. Motorized two and three wheel vehicles, except motorized golf carts and wheel chairs, are not permitted to be operated anywhere within the boundaries of Hawktree, other than between the main gate and the person’s residence or location of employment.
  4. No one is permitted to borrow or remove any piece of equipment, which is the property of Hawktree from its location at the course.
  5. Parents are responsible for and must control their children with due regard to the wishes and comfort of others, and children shall not be permitted to run unattended about the clubhouse or the clubhouse grounds.
  6. Persons shall not be permitted to enter into any of the Hawktree lakes for any purpose unless authorized by the Management of Hawktree.
  7. The carrying or use of firearms is prohibited anywhere within Hawktree property, except by duly authorized police, security forces or employees, in the performance of their duties.
  8. All players must be registered at the clubhouse prior to using the course.
  9. Under no circumstances will minors be served or allowed to consume liquor on Hawktree premises.
  10. Tailgating on golf course property is not permitted.
  11. Hawktree Management may from time to time, add, delete, and/or change any rule or regulation of Hawktree.


Clubhouse Rules

  1. Hawktree Management, shall have the authority to suppress disorderly conduct, games, or other activities which they consider are not in the best interest of the course.
  2. The hours of the clubhouse and other departments shall be prescribed by the Management of Hawktree, published and posted for general notice.
  3. The business office of the clubhouse shall be open as established by the Management of Hawktree.
  4. Sponsored functions requiring use of the course may be scheduled providing it does not conflict with Hawktree’s scheduled activities. Sponsors of such functions will be responsible to Hawktree for all charges, loss or damages.
  5. A cancellation charge for all Hawktree parties and special events will be made if a reservation is not cancelled 48 hours prior to the event. A guarantee fee shall be required.
  6. A playing certificate holder or guest shall reprimand no employee. Inattention to duty or any discourtesy should be reported promptly to the Club Manager Head Golf Professional or Superintendent.
  7. Complaints, suggestions, or recommendations regarding the operation of Hawktree should be made in writing to the Club.
  8. A playing certificate holder or other golfer is not permitted to send any employee out of Hawktree for any purpose, nor call upon him or her for any service that would take them away from their normal duties.
  9. Pets will not be allowed in the clubhouse or on the golf course or clubhouse grounds, except in the parking area and then only on a leash, except for Seeing Eye dogs.
  10. Minors are not permitted in the bar or cocktail lounge.
  11. Subscriptions shall not be solicited or any article exhibited for sale, nor shall any advertising, notices, etc., be permitted unless authorized by the Management of Hawktree.
  12. Proper golfing attire will be determined by the Golf Professional and Starter. Golfing attire is acceptable for breakfast and lunch in the clubhouse. Shirts must be worn; no tank tops, tube tops or gym shorts.
  13. Hawktree cannot be responsible for articles lost or mislaid. Articles found anywhere on the golf course or clubhouse will be held in the Golf Shop.
  14. Food and beverage may not be brought into the Club Facilities or golf course by anyone for service by the staff without the approval of the Club Manager. No coolers.
  15. Only kitchen staff and management are permitted in the kitchen.


Golf Course Rules and Regulations

  1. The rules of the United States Golf Association shall govern all play and use of the courses except as modified by local rules set forth by the Golf Professional and tournament committees.
  2. Starting times for Certificate Holders may not be reserved more than seven days in advance. Starting times for Fee Players may not be reserved more than 3 days in advance. Names of players must be furnished upon request. Only one starting time per day may be reserved.
  3. PLAY SHALL START ON HOLE NO. 1, UNLESS otherwise authorized by the Golf Professional, and players must register with the Starter at the golf shop.
  4. No playing group shall be composed of more than four players unless authorized by the Golf Professional or Starter.
  5. Players stopping for lunch after nine holes may forfeit their positions on the 10th tee.
  6. Slow play will not be permitted.
  7. Tees, fairways, green or traps may not be used for practicing. USE PRACTICE AREA ONLY. Range balls are for use on the practice area only.
  8. Pets are not permitted on the golf course, except Seeing Eye dogs.
  9. The golf courses and practice area hours of operation will be posted at the clubhouse.
  10. The Golf Director or Golf Professional may close all or any part of the course for maintenance, weather conditions (inclement weather), or tournaments. The Golf Director or Golf Professional shall retain the right to close any part of the course at any time without notice.
  11. The golf course may not be used for any purpose except golf without approval of the Management of Hawktree.
  12. Each player must have his own golf bag and clubs.
  13. Only beverages and food purchased from the bar or restaurant are allowed on the golf course property.
  14. No person shall be permitted to enter into any of the golf course lakes for any purpose. Golf ball retrieval is only permitted during the play of the hole.
  15. All players must replace divots, repair ball marks and rake bunkers.
  16. All golfers shall use appropriate rest room facilities.


Golf Carts

  1. Hawktree owned golf carts are for use on the golf courses only. Hawktree Management will set all rules and regulations concerning any and all golf carts used on the premises.
  2. Only duly licensed drivers may operate golf carts within Hawktree grounds. Minors must have a motor vehicle license to operate a golf cart.
  3. Golf carts must be operated on the cart paths and according to the signs. At all times, carts must remain 30 feet from the greens and never driven on the tees. Carts must be kept out of all native grass areas.
  4. Handcarts may be used on the course at any time.
  5. Players operating golf carts shall be responsible for any damage caused to or by the cart.
  6. No more than two occupants per cart.
  7. Failure to operate carts in accordance with the above regulations and additional posted rules and signs can result in suspension of cart privileges.
  8. Please report malfunctions and needed repairs.
  9. Skateboards, skates, bicycles, power or mini-bikes are not permitted on the golf course or cart paths at any time.